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113th Congress - Details and Information - US Politics on About.com
Jan 3, 2013 ... Learn about the 113th Congress. Discover the political makeup of the 113th Congress. Find out how many women and minorities were ...
113th Congress Leaders - US Politics on About.com
See a list of leaders in the 113th Congress. Find out who holds which positions. Learn which party controls the House and Senate.
Running for Congress - 5 Steps - US Politics on About.com
Find out how to run for Congress. Read these five steps to running for Congress. Learn about the process of running for the House of Representatives or the U.S. ...
Powers of the United States Congress
Specific powers of the U.S. Congress established by the Constitution.
List of the 10 Wealthiest Members of Congress
Find out who the wealthiest members of Congress are. Discover how much members of Congress reported in personal wealth. See how much personal wealth ...
South Congress Photo Tour - Austin - About.com
Explore the wacky and artistic South Congress Avenue area through images with this photo tour.
About the United States Congress - Overview
The formation, organization and leadership of the United States Congress - House of Representatives and Senate - as described in the U.S. Government ...
Funny Jokes About the U.S. Congress - Political Humor - About.com
Funniest Memes Mocking Congress • Latest Late-Night Jokes • Most Popular Late-Night Jokes • Funny Political Memes "I'm not saying this Congress is bad at its ...
How to Write Letters to Congress - US Government Info - Resources
But, members of Congress get hundreds of letters and emails every day. Whether you choose to use the Postal Service or email, here are some tips that will help ...
Recall a Member of Congress - Can It Be Done
Trying to recall a member of Congress is an idea that has likely crossed the minds of voters in every congressional district in the United States at one time or  ...
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