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Oaths of Office For Federal Officials - Congress
At the start of each new Congress, the entire House of Representatives and one- third of the Senate are sworn into office. This oath-taking dates to 1789, the first ...
113th Congress - Details and Information - US Politics - About.com
The 113th Congress was sworn in on Jan. 3, 2013, for a term lasting two years. Its members were heralded as being the most diverse in history in terms of ...
Party In Power - Congress and Presidency - A Visual Guide To The ...
Which party controls Congress? Which, the White House? The answer reveals the "balance of power" in the two branches of government that have elected ...
Powers of the United States Congress - US Government - About.com
So what are all those senators and representatives doing on Capitol Hill, anyway ? The Congress has specific powers spelled out in the Constitution, none more ...
Information and Articles About the U.S. Congress - US Government
U.S. Congress: Actions and Information. The House and Senate, the legislative branch of our government. Keep up with the latest bills and learn about the men ...
List of the 10 Wealthiest Members of Congress - US Government
If you stayed up nights wondering whether members of Congress would be able to weather the Great Recession of the late 2000s, this bit of news should finally ...
About the United States Congress - Overview - US Government
The formation, organization and leadership of the United States Congress - House of Representatives and Senate - as described in the U.S. Government ...
Congress Votes Itself a Pay Raise in 2004
Want a raise? Don't beg to your boss. Just vote yourself one. That's what the United States Congress just did. For the fifth year in a row, lawmakers voted not to ...
Super Congress - Definition and List of Members - US Government
Find out what a Super Congress is. See who was appointed to the panel in 2011. Learn about the duties of lawmakers who served on the elite committee.
How to Write Effective Letters to Congress
So, you're going to write a letter to Congress? Good idea. Make it a good letter. People who think members of Congress pay little or no attention to constituent ...
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