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Why Presidents Can Serve Only Two Terms
Find out why presidents can serve only two terms in office. Learn about the reasons behind the presidential term limit. See which amendment to the the U.S.  ...
The Presidents of the United States - Presidents 21-30
Chester A. Arthur - Arthur was never elected to the presidency but succeeded to office after the assassination of James Garfield. His presidency is noted for Civil ...
Herbert Hoover Biography and Presidency - American History
Biographical fast facts about Herbert Hoover, the thirty-first president of the United States.
The Presidents of the United States - Presidents 31-40
Biographical fast facts about United States Presidents 31 - 40, from Herbert Hoover to Ronald Reagan including Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Nixon, and more.
John Tyler - Fast Facts - Tenth President John Tyler - American History
John Tyler Quote: "If the tide of defamation and abuse shall turn, and my administration come to be praised, future Vice Presidents who may succeed to the ...
Franklin Pierce Biography and Presidency - American History
Biographical fast facts about Franklin Pierce, the fourteenth president of the United States.
Presidents and the Paranormal - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
From Washington and Lincoln to Reagan, Clinton and Bush, the paranormal has surrounded the highest office in the U.S. -- the presidency. Several presidents ...
Richard M. Nixon Biography and Presidency - American History
Learn more about the 37th president of the United States, Richard Nixon. This biography describes his early childhood through his career before the presidency  ...
Eighteenth President Ulysses S Grant - Fast Facts - American History
In fact, his presidency was marred by one scandal after another. Reconstruction Era As the Civil War ended, the government was left with the job of mending the ...
James Garfield - 20th President of the United States - American History
James Garfield was the twentieth president of the United States. Learn about Garfield's early childhood, his career before the presidency, his presidency, and ...
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