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2016 Presidential Election - US Politics on About.com
Learn about the 2016 presidential election. Find out when the 2016 president election is. See who's running in the 2016 presidential election.
Landslide Presidential Elections - List - US Politics on About.com
In presidential elections, a landslide election is generally agreed to be one in which the winning candidate secures at least 375 or 70 percent of the 538 electoral ...
Presidential Election Campaign Fund : Guide To Political ...
The Presidential Election Campaign Fund (PECF) is an attempt to publicly fund federal elections elections. It is funded by a voluntary check-off that appears on ...
Presidential Elections - Reading Comprehension
This reading comprehension focuses on Presidential elections. It's followed by key vocabulary relating to the US elections system and a follow-up quiz to test ...
Top 10 Significant Presidential Elections
Will the 2008 presidential election be considered one of the most significant presidential elections in US history? It is impossible to judge the importance of any ...
English Dialogue - Presidential Elections - English as 2nd Language
Presidential Elections. Alex: This election is going to be close! Helen: I think you' re right. The Republicans and the Democrats are fighting for every vote.
Presidential Election - 2000 - Bush vs Gore - American History
The presidential election of 2000 was the cause of much uproar and consternation. It was so close and the recounts, especially in Florida, led to lawsuits and ...
Presidential Elections of the 19th Century - 19th Century History
The presidential campaigns of the 1800s could be raucous affairs, with iconic ... The election of 1800 pitted Thomas Jefferson against the incumbent John ...
Presidential Elections Reading Quiz - English as 2nd Language
This reading comprehension for English learners concerns presidential elections in the United States with answers provided.
Election of 1828 | Dirtiest Presidential Campaign Ever
The election of 1828 was perhaps the dirtiest in American history, as the Jackson and ... The Campaign That Elected Andrew Jackson President Was Brutal.
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