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2016 Presidential Election - US Politics - About.com
The 2016 presidential election will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 8, of that year. Presidential Barack Obama is prohibited by the U.S. Constitution from seeking a  ...
Date of the 2016 Election - US Politics - About.com
Presidential Race. The candidate who wins the 2016 election will succeed President Barack Obama, who will have served two terms in the White House.
2016 Presidential Candidates - A List of Prospects - US Politics
The popular former Florida governor is a party favorite who sat out the 2012 presidential election despite many calls for him to enter the primary contest.
What If the Presidential Election Is a Tie?
... "What if...?" Here's a good one: "What if... the Electoral College vote is a tie?" What if the 538 Electors sit down after the election and vote to a 269 to 269 tie?
The United States Presidential Election of 1912 - American History
The presidential election of 1912 is an example of when a third party can have a huge impact on the outcome of an election. Theodore Roosevelt represented ...
The Disputed Election of Rutherford B. Hayes in 1876
The presidential election of 1876 was widely believed to have been stolen when a special deal was struck to declare Rutherford B. Hayes the winner.
Top 10 Significant Presidential Elections
In order to be included in this list of the top ten presidential elections, a significant event had to impact the election's outcome or the election needed to result in a ...
U.S. Election of 1800 – Thomas Jefferson vs. John Adams
There were no “official” vice presidential candidates in the election of 1800. According to the US Constitution, electors made two choices for president and ...
Election of 1860: Lincoln Won at Time of National Crisis
The central issue of the presidential election of 1860 was bound to be slavery. Battles over the spread of slavery to new territories and states had gripped the ...
World Series Presidential Predictor - Predicting the Election with ...
Can the Winner of the World Series Predict the Presidential Election? By Martin Kelly ... If the National League won, then the election would go to the Democrat.
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