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Primary and Caucus Calendar

2008 Presidential Race


Updated June 02, 2008
For the first time since 1928, in 2008 neither a sitting President nor Vice President will be a candidate for nomination to the Presidency. (Harry Truman briefly ran for the nomination, then bowed out after New Hampshire.) Both parties have open races, and the early announcements of contention are testimony to this. In addition, the states have joined the chorus and, as a result, Super Tuesday has moved from March to February.

Results: Effective 19 May



  • February 1: Maine (R)
  • February 5: Alabama, Alaska (caucuses), Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado (caucuses), Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho (D caucuses), Illinois, Kansas (D caucuses), Massachusetts, Minnesota (caucuses), Missouri, Montana (R caucuses), New Jersey, New Mexico (D), New York, North Dakota (caucuses), Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, American Samoa (caucuses)
  • February 9: Louisiana, Kansas (R), Nebraska (D caucuses), Washington (D&R caucuses)
  • February 10: Maine (D caucuses)
  • February 12: District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia
  • February 19: Hawaii (D), Washington (R primary), Wisconsin

MARCH 2008

APRIL 2008

MAY 2008

JUNE 2008


  • August 25-28: Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado


  • September 1-4: Republican National Convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

This calendar is adapted from the National Association of Secretaries of State.

Dates are subject to change.

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