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DP World Purchase of UK Port Firm

In February 2006, the Bush Administration approved the purchase of a UK-based firm, which operates at least five US port facilities, by a United Arab Emirates purchaser. The decision proved politically controversial. News, commentary, facts about the purchase and port management around the world.

DP World Saga - Port Authority Letter - 15 February 2007
Port Authority letter to DP World and AIG regarding Newark Terminal

DP World Saga - DP World/AIG Letter - 15 February 2007
Port Authority letter to DP World and AIG regarding Newark Terminal

US Ports To Be Managed by Arab Firm
This is an overview of the port facilities identified in news reports; the material is almost exclusively from the P&O website. Media appear to be underreporting the scale of the $6.8 billion deal, because they focused on contianer ports, not all facilities under P&O management.

Still In The Shadows: DP World
10 Nov 2006. In February, the Bush Administration approved the sale of a UK-based firm, which operates at least 20 US port facilities, to a United Arab Emirates firm, DP World. The proposal generated a firestorm of protest. It's nine months later ... and the US facilities remain under the control of DP World, despite a March announcement that they would be sold.

Port Deal Bigger Than Reported
28 Feb 2006. At least two media outlets are now reporting what we reported here on 20 February: the potential impact on American ports is far larger than the six cities being reported. Per this screenshot, the P&O North America website shows an extensive set of operations -- greater than mainstream media reports or a statement by the Department of Homeland Security.

UAE Firm To "Transfer" US Operations to Domestic Firm
9 Mar 2006. Senator John Warner (R-VA), Armed Services Committee chairman, announced on the floor of the Senate that United Arab Emirates firm DP World would bow out of the controversy surrounding its purchase of UK-based P&O. Earlier Thursday, according to CNN, House and Senate leadership advised President Bush "that the UAE deal was a lost cause."

House, Senate Battle President on Ports Deal
9 Mar 2006. The House Appropriations Committee approved (62-2) a bill Wednesday that would prevent United Arab Emirates firm DP World from taking over the management of US ports. Currently, UK-based P&O -- which is being acquired by DP World -- manages more than 20 facilities from Maine to Texas.

White House Pushing US Partner
4 Mar 2006. The White House is quietly pushing DP World to partner with a US company so that its port deal moves forward, and the logical partner seems to be Veep Cheney's former company, Haliburton, according to unnamed sources.

Security Assessment of DP World Deal Lacking
28 Feb 2006. Find Law reports on the Coast Guard assessment of DP World's purchase of UK-based P&O. The document was released by Sen. Susan M. Collins (R - ME), chair of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. Coast Guard concerns -- which Administration officials state were addressed before finalizing the deal -- are evident

Bush Agrees To Port Deal Review
27 Feb 2006. The Washington Post reports that the Bush Administration agreed Sunday to conduct a 45-day review of the purchase of UK-based P&O by United Arab Emirates firm DP World. This is a reversal for the White House, which insisted last week that the deal had been properly vetted and which vowed to veto any Congressional act mandating a review.

More Questions About the UAE DP World Port Deal
25 February 2006. The DHS briefing on the DP World purchase of UK-based P&O is as full of questions as early media reports. What happens to P&O operations in the US that are not listed on the DHS website? Is DPW buying only part of the US business? What is the relationship to the Carlyle Group? And who do we want managing our military supply line to the Middle East?

Port Deal: Business As Usual - Connections, Connections, Connections
21 February 2006. The New York Daily News reports that United Arab Emirates firm DP World has intimate connections with the Bush Administration, from Secretary of the Treasury John Snow to the Maritime Administrator.

Bush Cuts Port Security
21 February 2006. The budget President Bush released earlier this month "seeks to eliminate federal grants to improve cargo security at Seattle and other vulnerable ports." In November, Sen. Pat Murray (D-WA) and Susan Collins (R-ME) introduced the GreenLane Maritime Cargo Security Act (S 2008), a bill to improve cargo security.

Arab Port Deal Grows in Controversy
20 February 2006. A $6.8 billion Adminstration-backed deal that would allow a United Arab Emirates company to manage major US ports is drawing increasing bi-partisan cricitism (from lawmakers and bloggers) as well as a lawsuit challenging the sale.

Six Reasons to Take a Deep Breath
Globalization Guide Keith Porter. There is a lot of "outrage" brewing over reports that a company owned by the United Arab Emirates might end up operating some major American ports. I don't pretend to know any details of the proposed port deal. But I did come up with six reasons why we should all take a deep breath.

Strange Details of Secret Spy Deal with Dubai Ports Co.
US Liberals Guide Deborah White. According to AP, the Bush Administration has a secret spy deal with Dubai Ports World (DPW), the United Arab Emirates-owned company set to assume operations of major US ports. And that spy deal was a Bush Administration requirement before DPW was allowed to assume control of US ports.

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