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Explore news, commentary and opinion about American politics from US and foreign media as well as policy analysts.
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Newsmakers : A Gallery of Media Professionals
These media professionals play an important role in conveying information about America's political system to the electorate.

Wordless Wednesdays
Wordless Wednesdays blog posts feature photographs, not words. Check out these WW links from the news channel at About.com.

Bush on Iraq
We should reflect on the rhetoric coming from the White House four years ago, at the start of this extended military action, and compare it with what is being said today, as President Bush prepares to escalate military action.

Fifth Anniversary
A series of articles reflecting on the state of America since 11 September 2001.

Fake Photographs and One-Way Political Angst
There is a rise in the number of "doctored" photos appearing in news stories and political campaigns. What's the educated political consumer to do?

The Tragedy of Unlearned Lessons
Dr. Joe P. Dunn -- Charles A. Dana Professor and Chair of History & Politics at Converse College -- compares Vietnam with Iraq, Johnson with Bush, McNamara with Rumsfeld.

Expert Accuses Coulter of Plagiarism
An expert - and intrepid blogers - have accused Ann Coulter of plagiarism. Will she face ridicule and loss of future contracts like 19-year-old Harvard student Kaavya Viswanathan? Or will she get the proverbial "slap on the wrist" like Raytheon CEO William Swanson? And what's the deeper issue revealed by this news?

Inflammatory Rhetoric: A Quiz
25 June 2006. A member of the US Politics Forum points us to an online quiz comparing quotes from Ann Coulter and Adolf Hitler. I checked out the quiz. What passes for paid political commentary can be easily confused with rhetoric from someone the West almost universally views as a demonic dictator. What a model Coulter makes.

Presidential Approval Ratings
Analysis of presidential approval ratings -- overall, Iraq and economy -- from 2001 to 2005.

Opinion: United Airlines and the US Pension System
Editorial and opinion about the pension system in the United States and the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC).

Editorial Commentary : John Bolton, UN Nominee
Wrap up of editorial commentary on John Bolton, President Bush's nominee to represent the US before the United Nations.

Guide to Editorial Cartoons
An evolving guide to the best editorial cartoons available online.

Editorial Comment on the Bush Budget - Feb 2005
Editorial comment on the Bush Budget - Feb 2005

Tsunami Resource Guide
The Boxing Day Tsunami is the largest natural disaster in more than a century. Evolving guide to web resources.

An Open Letter to J. Kenneth Blackwell
Suggestions for Ohio Secretary of State designed to help heal the rift in the American voting public.ohio presidential election 2004 contested ballots voting provisional

What They're Saying ... About Sinclair
Editorial response to Sinclair's decision to air an anti-Kerry "documentary" has been universally opposed.

Goss to Head CIA
Rep. Porter Goss, R-FL, was confirmed by the Senate to head the CIA. Only 17 senators voted against the confirmation.

Presidential Race - Editorial Endorsements
A compliation of the editorial endorsements received by President Bush and Senator Kerry in the presidential race.

Enron Connections - Cllinton or Bush?
An e-mail from 2002, which suggests that Enron was more connected to the Clinton White House than Bush, has resurfaced. Point-by-point rebuttal.

Extended Polling : Elections in an Age of Terrorism
What measures should states or Congress take to help make November elections "terrorist proof"?

A Democracy of Privilege
American Political Science Association task force report on democracy in America.

Tsunami: The Campaign '04 Information War
Columbia Journalism Review challenges the press to rethink its coverage of the campaign, noting that both presidential candidates are using "a cynical combination of calculated deception, speed, and volume to exploit the press’s reluctance to call a lie a lie."

Same Justices, New Court
New York Times reporter Linda Greenhouse reviews the 2003-2004 term of the U.S Supreme Court and observes the "invisibility of Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist." It's not that he is expected to retire -- he just hired clerks for the 2005 term. Instead, she writes, "the court’s center of gravity has moved away from him."

The Wrong 'Why' for U.S. Invasion
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer editorial board states that the Senate report on intelligence issued in July suggests that "America waged war against another country on erroneous pretense."

Results for the 2010 Minnesota Primary
Results for the 2010 Minnesota Primary

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