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Historical Presidential Approval Ratings

End of Term

Also, see current presidential approval ratings.

End-of-presidency job approval ratings are used by some pundits to forecast the odds of a President's being re-elected or getting a voter-initiated pink slip. The rating is also a measure of relative Presidential performance.

End-of-Presidency Job Approval Ratings
President Rating (%) Election Results
Bill Clinton
(2 terms, D, 2001)
66 VP Gore (D) wins popular vote but Bush (R) wins electoral college vote
Ronald Reagan
(2 terms, R, 1989)
63 VP Bush (R) defeats Dukakis (D)
John F. Kennedy
(partial term, D, 1963)
63 (VP) Johnson (D) defeats Goldwater (R)
Dwight Eisenhower
(2 terms, R, 1961)
59 Kennedy (D) defeats Nixon (R)
George H. Bush
(1 term, R, 1993)
56 Clinton (D) defeats Bush (R)
Gerald Ford
(partial term, R, 1977)
53 Carter (D) defeats Ford (R)
Lyndon Johnson
(1+ terms, D, 1969)
49 Nixon (R) defeats Humphrey (Johnson did not run) (D)
Jimmy Carter
(1 term, D, 1981)
34 Reagan (R) defeats Carter (D)
George W. Bush
(2 terms, R, 2009)
34 Obama (D) defeats McCain (R)
Richard Nixon
(partial term, R, 1974)
24 Carter (D) defeats (VP) Ford (R)


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