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The First 100 Days of the Obama Presidency


The "first 100 days" of the Franklin D. Roosevelt presidency lasted from 9 March to 16 June 1933, and Congress passed 15 major bills at his request. The period has subsequently become a benchmark for judging how quickly a president or a Congress can move to implement a vision. This article documents the first 100 days of the Barrack Obama administration, which began 20 January 2009 with his inauguration.

Day 36 - 24 February 2009

Obama's State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress.

Day 38 - 26 February 2009

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) "called for the resignation Thursday of Doug Whitmer, FEMA chief of staff of the Louisiana Transitional Recovery Office in New Orleans."

Day 37 - 25 February

President Obama names Gary Locke to be his Commerce Secretary nominee; Locke is the third attempt to find someone for this post.

Day 35 - 23 February 2009

President Obama names Vice President Biden to oversee administration of the Recovery act.

Day 34 - 22 February 2009

The 2009 Governors’ Dinner is at the White House.

Day 33 - 21 February 2009

In his website chat, the President announced a tax cut.

Day 32 - 20 February 2009

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and National Economic Adviser Larry Summers convened the Presidential Task Force on the Auto Industry.

Executive Order 13390 Amended: this EO governs the emergency response to Hurricane Katrina.

Day 31 - 19 February 2009

Executive Order: the President established the White House Office of Urban Affairs.

Day 30 - 18 February 2009

Obama announces his mortgage restructuring plan. The Administration also doubles the infusion into Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Day 29 - 17 February 2009

The President declared major disasters exist in the States of Oklahoma, Tennessee and Missouri. In addition, he deploys additional troops to Afghanistan.
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