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US Politics: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How new GOP rules will shorten the 2016...
Find out why the 2016 Republican primaries will be different from those in years past. Learn about rules designed to make the primary season shorter and less damaging on the GOP's eventual presidential nominee. See why the Republican Party changed the way its primaries work in 2014.
The Constitution Doesn't Require Presidents to...
Find out whether Americans born overseas are eligible to serve as U.S. president. See which candidates have been challenged over their eligibility. Learn what the Constitution and legal scholars say about whether presidents must have been born on American soil.
Here's the Real Reason Republicans Are Holding...
Find out why the Republican National Committee chose Cleveland, Ohio, to holds its convention in 2016. Learn about the political ramifications of the decision.
What Is a Super PAC?
Read the definition of a super PAC. Learn about the history of super PACs and the role they play in presidential politics. See how the controversial committees came into existence.
Everything You Need to Know About Super Tuesday...
Find out when Super Tuesday 2016 is. See which states have primaries on Super Tuesday 2016. Discover how many voters there are in those states.
Which U.S. Presidents Were Impeached? Here's a...
Read a list of all U.S. presidents who were impeached. See what caused the House of Representatives to impeach them. Find out what happened to the impeached presidents.
When is President Obama's Last Day in Office?
Find out the date of President Barack Obama's last day as president. See when Obama's second term in the White House ends. Discover who could be running to replace him and when the next election is.
7 Possible Presidential Candidates in 2016
Find out who's on the short list of 2016 presidential candidates. Read bios of the possible 2016 presidential candidates. Learn about the political careers of the candidate who will succeed President Barack Obama in the White House.
Why American Presidents Can Only Serve 2 Terms
Find out why presidents can serve only two terms in office. Learn about the reasons behind the presidential term limit. See which amendment to the the U.S. Constitution allows president to serve only two terms.
How Many Gun Laws Were Signed by Barack Obama?
Find out how many gun laws were signed by President Barack Obama. See what the gun laws signed by Obama actually do. Learn about Obama's proposals for gun control.
When Will the 2016 Presidential Campaign Begin?
Find out when candidates for president in 2016 will begin announcing their campaigns. See when other presidential hopefuls have launched their campaigns. Learn how early candidates must begin their work to get elected.
When Are Vice Presidential Candidates Chosen?
Find out when vice presidential candidates are chosen. See what month of the year most nominees pick their running mates. Read a list of dates when presidential candidates have chosen their vice presidential hopefuls.
When is the 2016 Election?
Find out the date of the 2016 election. See which offices are up for election in 2016. Learn about who sets the date of the 2016 election.
Here's Where Hillary Clinton Stands on Illegal...
Find out where Hillary Clinton stands on illegal immigration. See where she stands on the controversial path to citizenship for people living in the United States illegally.
Iowa Caucus Results
See the Iowa Caucus results through history. Find out which Iowa Caucus winners have gone on to be their party's nominees. Learn who ran in each Iowa Caucus.
Why Former Presidents Make So Much Money on the...
Find out much former U.S. presidents are paid to speak. Learn how much they earn a year on the speaking circuit. Find out who gets paid the most.
Executive Actions Aren't the Same Thing as...
Learn about executive actions. Read examples of executive actions. See how executive actions compare to executive orders.
5 Iowa Caucus Winners Who Lost the Nomination
See a list of Iowa caucus winners who lost the nomination. Discover who fared poorly in Iowa but went on to win the party nod. Find out how often Iowa caucus winners go on to become president.
Here's the Date and Time of Inauguration Day 2017
See the date and time of Inauguration Day 2017. Find out why presidents are sworn into office the same day. Discover what happens on Inauguration Day.
How Does the U.S. Constitution Get Amended?
How to amend the Constitution of the United States.
What's in The Bill of Rights?
The history and texts of the first ten amendments to the Constitution of the United States.
5 Possible Causes of the Great Depression
Economists and historians are still debating the causes of the Great Depression. While we know what happened, we have only theories to explain the reason for the economic collapse. This overview will arm you with knowledge of the political events that may have helped cause the Great Depression.
Everything You Need to Know About the 2016...
Learn about the 2016 presidential election. Find out when the 2016 president election is. See who's running in the 2016 presidential election.
What Are the Iowa Caucuses and How Do They Work?
Find out how the Iowa caucuses work. See what makes the Iowa caucuses different than primaries. Learn about past Iowa caucus winners.
What Does It Mean To Be A Natural Born Citizen?
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Ted Cruz Biography
Read a biography of Republican U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz. Find out where Ted Cruz stands on important issues. See why Ted Cruz is such a divisive figure in American politics.
How Much is Jeb Bush Worth?
Learn about Jeb Bush's net worth. Find out how much the likely 2016 presidential hopeful earned as governor. See how Bush makes money now.
President Barack Obama's 23 Executive Actions...
Find out what President Barack Obama did to address gun violence during his second term. See why neither gun enthusiasts nor gun-control activists were please. Discover the difference between executive actions and executive orders.
States Where Marijuana is Legal
See where marijuana is legal in the United States. See which states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Find out how federal laws and state laws are enforced.
How to Start a Super PAC
Find out how to start a super PAC. See what steps you need to take to begin raising and spending money on elections. Learn what to do with your own super PAC once you've created it.
Could Bill Clinton Serve in Hillary Clinton's...
Find out what role Bill Clinton would play in a Hillary Clinton administration. Read what Hillary Clinton said about her husband's position in her administration. See what the former president says about his position in Hillary's administration.
What Do Lobbyists Do?
Find out what lobbyists do. Read about their role in American politics. Learn about the rules and regulations covering lobbyists.
Party In Power - Congress and Presidency - A...
Table showing the party in power (balance of power) in each of the three branches of government, from 1945-2008.
How Many Days Congress Works in a Year?
Find out how many days Congress really works in a year. See how the average work week for Congress compares to that of the average American worker.
Here's What It Takes to Be President of the...
Learn about the requirements for being president of the United States. Find out what the Constitutional requirements are about being president.
How Much is Ted Cruz Worth?
Find out how much Ted Cruz is worth. See how much money the Republican presidential candidate has invested. Learn where Ted Cruz ranks among politicians.
How to Get a Job in Politics
Find out how to get a job in politics. Learn about the different types of jobs in politics. See how to get started in politics.
Ted Cruz is Running for President in 2016....
Read about Ted Cruz's presidential campaign. See why Ted Cruz is running for president in 2016. Learn about the Texas Republican.
Read Up on America's History with Abortion
This issue summary provides background about abortion in America, presents various points of view on the political aspects of abortion, and provides links to pro choice and pro life organizations.
Why There are 435 Members of the House of...
Find out why there are 435 members of the House of Representatives. Learn about efforts to reduce the size of the U.S. Congress. See how the size of the House affects you.
Your Comprehensive Timeline for Obama's...
When Barack Obama decided he wanted to run for the Illinois Senate in 1996, he ensured his candidacy by successfully challenging the nomination petitions of his four competitors. This article provides a timeline of Obama's political career.
Here's Where Hillary Clinton Stands on the Issues
Find out where Hillary Clinton stands on the issues. See what likely 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has said about the most important issues of the day. Learn how Hillary's position on some issues has changed over time.
What Is the President's Cabinet and What Does...
The United States Cabinet (usually referred to as
Forget Citizens United. This is the Court Case...
Find out now the SpeechNow.org court case led to the creation of super PACs. Learn about the court arguments in the SpeechNow.org case. See how the SpeechNow.org case differed from the more widely known Citizens United court case.
Hillary Clinton's Fight for Universal Health Care
Find out where Hillary Clinton stands on health care. See what kind of health care plan she has proposed in the past. Learn why Hillary Clinton's health care plan hasn't been enacted.
The Term Limit Debate
Learn about the debate over term limits for politicians. See what the pros and cons are of term limits for Congress and the president. Find out what happened to legislation that would have imposed term limits on politicians.
Can You Get Out of Jury Duty by Not Registering...
Find out why being registered to vote does not mean you will never be called for federal jury duty. See how juror are chosen for federal court.
Why Mitt Romney Isn't Running for President in...
Find out why Mitt Romney decided not to run for president in 2016. Read what Romney had to say about sitting out in 2016. Learn how members of his party felt.
Is Everybody Running for President in 2016 Rich?
Find out how much the 2016 presidential candidates are worth. See which candidate is the wealthiest. Learn how the candidates made their money.
Open Primary Definition
Find out what an open primary is in American politics. See how an open primary differs from other types of party nominating elections. Learn which states hold open primaries.
How To Contact Your Congressmen and Senators
How to get in touch with your U.S. congressman.
Why Aren't There Any Bearded Politicians?
Find out why there aren't many bearded politicians in the United States. See why modern politicians don't wear facial hair. Learn about some of the famous bearded politicians in U.S. history.
Want to Recall Your Member of Congress? Here's...
Find out whether you can recall a member of Congress. See what the U.S Constitution says about recalling a member of Congress. Learn about past attempts to recall members of Congress.
What Is a Blue Dog Democrat?
Find out what a Blue Dog Democrat is. Read examples of Blue Dog Democrats in Congress. Learn how Blue Dog Democrats differ from ordinary Democrats.
How Much Did That Super Bowl Flyover Just Cost...
Find out how much money the U.S. military spends on Super Bowl flyovers. Learn why the government continues flyovers when it's trying to cut spending.
Are Illegal Immigrants Covered Under Obamacare?
Are illegal immigrants covered under Obamacare? Find out how undocumented immigrants can get free health care in the United States. Read about the controversy surrounding President Barack Obama's health care reform law.
Barack Obama Isn't the First President to be...
Here's a list of modern U.S. presidents who have been sued by Congress. Find out why individual lawmakers have sued sitting presidents.
Secret Service Protection for Presidential...
Find out how and when presidential candidates get Secret Service protection. See how much Secret Service protection costs taxpayers. Learn about the code names for each candidate in the 2012 election.
What Is The Fourth Estate?
The fourth estate is a term that references the press, positioning it as a fourth branch of government.
What Is The Seniority System?
In Congress, the seniority system describes the practice of granting privileges to members of Congress (Senators and Representatives) who have served the longest.
10 Most Memorable Campaign Songs
Read a list of the best campaign songs used by presidential candidates. Find out how politicians choose campaign theme music. See what recording artists had to say about their music being used by politicians.
Here's a List of All the Living Presidents
Read a list of living U.S. presidents. Find out which presidents are still alive. Learn who the oldest living president is in the United States.
Do You Have to Be Rich to Be President of the...
Find out whether you need to be rich to be president. Discover how much modern presidents were worth when elected. Learn about the qualifications.
Here's a List of How Much Every U.S. President...
Find out how much every U.S. president was paid. Read a list of presidential salaries through the years. Learn how many pay raises there have been for presidents.
Why Being a Lame Duck in Politics Isn't Such a...
Learn about lame duck politicians. See the ups and downs of being a lame duck in Congress or the White House. Learn about some of the most successful lame ducks.
How Social Media Has Changed Politics
Find out how social media has had changed American politics. See how political campaigns use Twitter and Facebook. Learn about the trouble some candidates have gotten into on social media networks.
The 5 Most Successful Independent Presidential...
Find out which independent presidential candidates received the most votes. Learn why it's so difficult for independent presidential candidates.
What Is A Political Action Committee (PAC)?
Federal political action committees, PACs, raise
Why Presidents Use All Those Pens to Sign Bills...
Find out why presidents use so many pens to sign bills into law. See what presidents do with those pens. Learn about the presidential pen tradition.
11 Presidents Without College Degrees
Read a list of presidents without college degrees. Find out which presidents never attended college. See who went to college but didn't graduate.
Could Bill Clinton Be Vice President If Hillary...
Find out whether Bill Clinton could serve as vice president under Hillary Clinton. See what the Constitution says about a Clinton-Clinton ticket.
The Difference Between Authorization and...
Describes the difference between authorization of a program and appropriations for a program.
How Electoral Votes Are Distributed
Find out how electoral votes are distributed in U.S. presidential elections. Learn about controversies surrounding how electoral votes are distributed. Discover several proposals for changing the Electoral College and how electoral votes are distributed.
Is Hillary Clinton Too Rich to Be President?
Find out how much Hillary Clinton is worth. See how much Hillary Clinton has earned from speaking and the sale of her books. Learn about the controversy surrounded her wealth.
4 Reasons the New Hampshire Primary is So...
Find out why the New Hampshire primary is important. See how much influence voters in New Hampshire really have. Learn about the state's role in presidential elections.
Here's a List of Where Convicted Felons Can and...
Find out where felons are prohibited from voting. See which states allow felons to vote even when they are behind bars. Learn about the debate over felons voting.
Complete List of States That Allow Early Voting
Read a list of states that allow early voting. Find out how early voting works. Learn about the pros and cons of early voting.
Hillary Clinton on the Keystone XL Pipeline
Find out where likely 2016 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton stands on the Keystone XL pipeline. Read what Clinton has said about the Keystone XL project. Learn about the political risks Clinton faces over her position on the Keystone XL pipeline.
When's the Last Time Voters Elected Two...
Learn about the last time a Democratic president succeeded another Democratic president who had served two terms and find out why it's so rare.
5 Myths About the Obama Executive Orders
Read the most prevalent myths about President Barack Obama's executive orders. Learn the truth behind the myths. Find out how Obama's use of executive orders compared to that of other modern presidents.
Learn How Filibusters Delay Senate Procedures
Overview of Senate procedural Rule 22, filibuster and cloture .
What Oath of Office Do Federal Officials Need...
Details the oath of office for members of Congress. Page 4.
What is a Brokered Convention?
Find out what a brokered convention is in presidential politics. See why and when brokered conventions occurred. Learn why they are rare in modern history.
Here Are All the Landslide Presidential...
Learn about some of the most famous landslide presidential elections in American political history. Find out which candidates won landslide presidential elections. See how much a landslide victory is in presidential politics.
Understanding The Watergate Scandal and How It...
The Watergate scandal occurred during the presidency of Richard Nixon; it resulted in the indictment of several of Nixon's advisors and his resignation on 9 August 1974.
What Does Sequestration Actually Mean?
Read a definition of sequestration. Find out how sequestration is used in the federal budget process. See examples of sequestration.
The 7 Biggest Hillary Clinton Scandals and...
Find out why Hillary Clinton is so controversial. Read about the scandals and controversies. See how they will affect Clinton in 2016.
5 Biggest Super PACs to Watch in the 2016...
Read about the biggest super PACs in the 2016 presidential election. See who the biggest super PACs will be supporting in 2016. Learn how super PACs work.
How Much You Can Give to Political Candidates...
Find out how much money you can contribute to the federal political candidate of your choice. See how those candidates are allowed to spend the money. Learn about the limits to how much you can give in each election cycle.
The Citizens United Ruling
Read about the Citizens United case against the Federal Election Commission. Find out what the legal arguments were in the landmark decision. Learn about the ruling's impact on campaign finance laws.
10 Things You Should Know About Barack Obama
Here are 10 facts you may not have known about President Barack Obama. Learn the truth behind some of the most widespread myths about Barack Obama.
Here are 6 New Hampshire Primary Winners Who...
Find out which New Hampshire primary winners went on to become president. Learn about the track record of New Hampshire voters in choosing presidents.
Yes, Burning Money is Illegal. No, You'll Never...
Find out why burning money is illegal. See why ripping printed money or mutilating coins is against the law. Learn about the federal penalties.
A Running List of Obama Scandals and Controvers...
Read of list of the scandals and controversies that occurred during President Barack Obama's administration. Find out the outcome of the Obama scandals and controversies. Learn about the impact the controversies had on Obama's agenda.
What You Need to Know about the US Healthcare...
The nation's health care system is once again in the spotlight as part of President Obama's policy agenda. Growing numbers of Americans are uninsured; costs keep rising (annual growth rate, 6.7%); and the public is increasingly worried about the issue. The U.S. spends more money on health care than any other nation. By 2017, we will be spending about $13,000 per person, according to the annual projection by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.
Who Pays For Political Campaigns?
Find out where all that money comes from to fund political campaigns. See which kinds of people and organizations give money to candidate. Learn how the money is used.
Who Was the First Gay President?
Find out why Barack Obama was called the first gay president. Learn who historians claim truly was the first gay president. Read about the controversy surrounding the sexuality of American presidents.
10 Biggest Budget Deficits
This is a list of the 10 largest federal budget deficits in modern history. Find out under which president the biggest deficits occurred. See how those administrations explained their overspending.
There's a Difference Between Decriminalizing...
Learn about the difference between decriminalization and legalization of marijuana. Read arguments in favor of decriminalization and legalization. See which states decriminalize and which legalize.
Your Congressman Is Underpaid and Here's Why
Find out why your congressman might be underpaid. See what your member of congress would earn in the private sector. Learn how much members of congress make per hour.
Balanced Budget Amendment
The amendment would prohibit the federal government from spending more than it takes in, unless Congress specifically authorizes the additional spending.
5 Things the President Does on His Last Day in...
Find out what outgoing presidents do on their last days in the White House. Learn about the rituals of leaving the presidency and Washington, D.C.
Donald Trump Is Paying For His Own Presidential...
Find out why Donald Trump is paying for his own presidential campaign. See what impact his self-funding has on the 2016 presidential race.
Does Bernie Sanders Stand a Chance for...
Read about Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign. Learn about Bernie Sanders' platform in 2016. Find out whether he has any chance of winning.
Here's How Much Politicians Get Paid from the...
Find out how everyone from your city mayor to the president of the United States earns. Learn about the salaries of members of Congress. See how much governors make.
The Weird Reason Why History is On Jeb Bush's...
Find out why Jeb Bush is the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016. See why history is on Jeb Bush's side.
10 Things You Need to Know About How Congress...
Learn how Congress works. See how the House and Representatives and Senate operate. Find out what your lawmakers do and how to get involved.
What Makes an Election Victory a Landslide?
Read a definition of the term landslide election in American politics. See examples of landslides in presidential elections.
Who Was the Poorest President in Modern History?
Find out who the poorest president was. Learn about the financial woes of the poorest president. See why the poorest president had such problems.
Learn About the Practice of Bundling in Politics
Learn about the practice of bundling in politics. Read a definition of bundling. Find out why people bundle campaign contributions.
These Presidents Never Actually Won a...
Read about the only U.S. presidents who never won a presidential election. Find out who the only presidents were to not win a presidential election.
Public Holidays In The United States
What are the nationwide public holidays in the United States and how is a holiday born?
Why Do We Have the Electoral College? 3 Reasons...
Find out why we have the Electoral College. See three alternatives to the Electoral College. Learn about the myths of the Electoral College.
The Political Career of Chris Christie
Read a timeline of Chris Christie's political career. See a list of all the offices held by Chris Christie. Learn about the elections won by Chris Christie.
How to Talk Politics Without Getting Into...
Read 5 tips for how to talk politics with friends and family. Find out how to stay friends even if you're a liberal and your friend is a conservative.
You Can Recall a Legislator and a Governor, So...
Find out whether voters can recall a sitting president. See what the Constitution says about removing a commander-in-chief. Learn about voters rights.
Hillary Clinton's Position on Taxes and the...
Find out where Hillary Clinton stands on taxes. See where the likely 2016 presidential candidate stands on the Buffett Rule. Read what Hillary Clinton has said about helping the middle class.
How Are Senate Vacancies Filled?
What happens when a Senator dies in office or resigns? How is the replacement handled?
Should Voters Have to Pass a Test?
Learn about a time when voters had to pass a test. Find out why some people think voters should have to pass a test on Election Day. See what federal laws say about forcing voters to pass a test.
The Most Outrageous Donald Trump Quotes of the...
Read Donald Trump's most controversial quotes of the 2016 presidential campaign. Find out why Trump generated so much attention.
Who Pays for the Political Conventions?
Find out how much taxpayers pay for the political conventions held by both major parties. See how much political conventions have cost taxpayers through the years. Learn about the controversy surrounding public financing of conventions.
Was Donald Trump Really a Democrat?
Find out whether Donald Trump was a Democrat. Learn about Donald Trump's party affiliation. See why the 2016 presidential candidate switched parties.
What is a Presidential Executive Order?
Executive orders are official documents by which the President of the United States manages the operations of the Federal Government.
What it Takes to Get Elected to Congress
Find out how to run for Congress. Read these five steps to running for Congress. Learn about the process of running for election in Washington.
Was Barack Obama More Popular Than George W....
Find out if Barack Obama or George W. Bush was a more popular president. See approval ratings for Obama and Bush. Learn about issues affecting their ratings.
The US Senate - Getting to Know Your Government
What powers are granted to the Senate by the US Constitution? Page 2.
8 Steps to How Supreme Court Nominees Are Chosen
A step-by-step look at how new U.S. Supreme Court justices are chosen and nominated by the White House and confirmed by the U.S. Senate.
How Dark Money is Ruining Politics
Learn about the influence of dark money in politics. Read a definition of dark money. See some example of dark money contributions to campaigns.
List of People Pardoned By President Barack Obama
Read a list of people pardoned by President Barack Obama. Find out what crimes those people committee. Learn how long they were sentenced for their crimes before being pardoned by Obama.
Top 5 Conservative Super PACs
Read a list of the biggest conservative super PACs. Find out how the most conservative super PACs raised and spent money in the 2012 presidential election. See who's behind the nation's right-leaning super PACs.
US Federal Budget Process
This federal budget process document is a quick primer outlining the steps taken as the budget moves from concept to reality.
Which Governors Make the Most Money?
Read a list of the 10 highest paid governors in the United States. Find out which state pays its governor the most money. See who sets the governors's salary.
Who Is Obama's Press Secretary Now?
Find out who Barack Obama's press secretary is. Learn how many press secretaries Obama had. Read bios of Obama's press secretaries.
Should You Really Pay Attention to All Those...
Find out how to read election poll results. Learn the tricks of understand public opinion surveys. Discover the importance of methodology in determining the accuracy of election poll results.
Who Was the Last President With Facial Hair?
Read a complete list of American presidents with facial hair. Find out which presidents wore beards. See who were the first and most recent presidents to have facial hair.
How Many Pardons Has President Barack Obama...
See how many pardons were granted by President Barack Obama. Find out how the number of pardons issued by Barack Obama compares to other presidents. Learn who President Barack Obama pardoned during his two terms in office.
Why Is the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Such a...
Read about the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Find out why the Hillary Clinton email scandal was such a big deal. See whether the former secretary of State broke any laws.
10 Things You Need to Know About Presidential...
Learn about political conventions. Find out why the Republican and Democratic parties hold conventions. Read about cities that host conventions and see who pays.
What is a Swing State?
Find out what a swing state is in American politics. See which states are considered swing states. Learn about the importance of swing states in presidential elections.
The Death Penalty: Theories of Deterrence &...
After a 10-year moratorium, the United States re-instituted the death penalty in 1977. This article provides an overview of statistics, arguments pro-and-con, background of capital punishment.
Where Did the GOP Acronym Come From?
Find out what the GOP acronym stands for. Learn about the GOP acronym and what it means. Discover the origins of the phrase Grand Old Party.
How Does The Electoral College Work?
Although we cast a ballot for a presidential nominee on election day (the first Tuesday in November),
Here's What a Virtual Congress Would Look Like
Find out whether members of Congress can telecommute to work. See the ups and downs of allowing Washington politicians to commute to work. Learn about what the Constitution says about where Congress is supposed to adjourn.
What Barack Obama Will Do After Being President
Find out what President Barack Obama will do after leaving the White House in January 2017. See when Obama's last day in office is. Learn what former presidents do after leaving office.
How U.S. Senators Use the Filibuster to Stop...
Read a definition of filibuster. Find out how the filibuster has been used in the U.S. Senate. Learn about famous filibusters in popular culture.
Did McCain-Feingold Make American Politics Worse?
Learn about the McCain-Feingold Act. Find out how the McCain-Feingold Act regulates the financing of political campaigns. Read about the federal law's chief sponsors John McCain and Russell Feingold.
Do the Tallest Presidential Candidates Always...
Find out if the tallest presidential candidates always win. Learn about the tallest presidential candidates. See why height is a factor in politics.
Everything You Need to Know About Super PACs
Learn about super PACs. Read a definition of super PACs and find out which ones are conservative and liberal. See how to start your own super PAC.
Salaries of US Federal Officials
Current salaries for members of the U.S. Congress as well as the White House and the Courts.
Can One Vote Make a Difference?
Find out whether one vote can make a difference in American elections. Learn about the odds that presidential, congressional and legislative races can be decided by one vote. See which races in history have been decided by one vote.

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