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Why Your Facebook Like is a Form of Protected Speech

Find out why liking something on Facebook is considered a form of free speech. See how courts have ruled on the use of social media. Learn you legal rights when it comes to social media.

List of Presidents Who Were Impeached

Read a list of all the U.S. president who were impeached. See what caused the House of Representatives to impeach them. Find out why happened to the impeached presidents.

How Much is Hillary Clinton Really Worth?

Find out how much Hillary Clinton is worth. See how much Hillary Clinton has earned from speaking and the sale of her books. Learn about the controversy surrounded her wealth.

Sexism and Sarah Palin: Why Hillary Clinton Claims She Wouldn't Go on the Attack

Find out why Hillary Clinton refused to attack Sarah Palin the 2008 presidential campaign. See why Hillary Clinton's claims have rankled President Barack Obama.

5 Presidents Who Wrote Books Before Being Elected

Find out which presidents published books before being elected to the White House. Learn about the books written by soon-to-be presidents.

Can You Get Out of Jury Duty by Not Registering to Vote?

Find out why being registered to vote does not mean you will never be called for federal jury duty. See how juror are chosen for federal court.

Barack Obama's Net Worth

Learn about President Barack Obama's net worth. See how much Obama and first lady Michelle Obama hold in assets. Learn about the Obamas' wealth.

Why the Bowe Bergdahl Deal Became a Political Issue for Barack Obama

Find out why President Barack Obama came under fire for his handling of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's release from captivity.

List of Obama Press Secretaries

President Barack Obama has had three press secretaries - Robert Gibbs, Jay Carney and Josh Earnest. Read about their backgrounds and controversies.

Would Edward Snowden Get a Fair Trial in the United States?

Find out why Edward Snowden and his supporters believe he would never receive a fair trial in the United States.

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