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Republican Senate Committee Fundraising Raises Eyebrows

By March 12, 2006

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A poster at Blue NC outlines questionable fundraising direct mail sent under the signature of North Carolina Senator Elizabeth Dole for the National Republican Senatorial Committee. The language is very "official" and demanding.

Southern Dem writes: I "have a problem with them passing off a fundraiser as a tax document, requiring that it be returned and then not allowing for a way to return it without sending money. It is basically a bill and it is delivered in a very intimidating and threatening tone." For example:
DO NOT DESTROY YOUR SURVEY! The enclosed Republican Senate Leadership Survey is an OFFICIAL REPUBLICAN PARTY DOCUMENT. Your Survey is REGISTERED IN YOUR NAME ONLY and MUST BE ACCOUNTED FOR upon completion of this project.
Moreover, "[t]here are no options given to return the survey without enclosing money for the NRSC." Instead, there are three options:
  • Yes! I want to help defend our Republican Senate Majority and build a strong foundation of Republican grassroots support for President Bush and his agenda.I am enclosing my most generous contribution of: __$500 __$250 __$100 __$50 __$25 __Other$____
  • No. I do not wish to participate in this vital Republican Senate Leadership Survey. however, I am returning my Survey Document, along with a generous donation to help build Republican grassroots support for President Bush and his agenda. I am enclosing a donation of: __$500 __$250 __$100 __$50 __$25 __Other$___
  • No. I do not wish to particiapte in the Survey, nor do I wish to make a donation to help the Republican Party. I am returning my Survey Document, along with a contribution of $11 to help cover the cost of tabulating and redistributing my Survey.
Such questionable fundraising tactics were recently associated with the College Republican National Committee (CRNC), which in 2004 (according to the Seattle Times) "raised $6.3 million this year through an aggressive and misleading fund-raising campaign that collected money from senior citizens who thought they were giving to the election efforts of President Bush and other top Republicans.... And little of the money went to election efforts."

The vast majority of the money raised stayed with RDI - Resource Dynamics, Inc., which had managed fundraising for the CRNC since 1992. RDI has no easily-found website, if it still exists.

If taken to task, will the NRSC also blame its poorly managed direct mail firm? (This was the tactic taken by the CRNC in 2005.)

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March 12, 2006 at 11:46 pm
(1) mike clouser says:

Well DAAA!! Its a fund raiser. They give an opportunity to people not in the belt way, the opportunity to register their feelings on major issues if they make a contribution. This is 21 st century politics. I’m more concerned about a liberal democrat giving millions to different liberal and socialist PACS etc and having the ear of Hillary Clinton than an RNC mailer to the grassroots. I got one of those, did not feel I could contribute at this time and threw it out. Quit needling Bush and the Republicans. If you want liars and crooks, there’s more on the other side like Jesse Jackson. HELLOOOO. Wake UP!!!

March 19, 2006 at 3:54 am
(2) uspolitics says:

It’s a fundraiser disguised as an official piece of US government mail. That’s wrong – regardless of what organization is doing it.

April 18, 2007 at 9:58 am
(3) louann says:

This came to my mother who is not a republican but who is on just about every scam artist list because she will send in $ to anyone with a good story. I’m apauled that my party would stoop to such a low. I hate the democrats, who I already know lack ethics, but now the republicans too?? I’m devastated!

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