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News about important federal and state political campaigns and elections.
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Bill Clinton's Role in a Hillary Clinton White House
Find out how Hillary Clinton would use her husband if elected to the White House.

Obama's Last Day as President
Find out the date of President Barack Obama's last day as president. See when Obama's second term in the White House ends. Discover who could be running to replace him and when the next election is.

Hillary Clinton on the Issues
Find out where likely Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton stands on the most important political issues.

Hillary Clinton on the Keystone XL Pipeline
Find out where likely 2016 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton stands on the Keystone XL pipeline.

List of Landslide Presidential Elections by Electoral Votes
Learn about some of the most famous landslide presidential elections in American political history. Find out which candidates won landslide presidential elections. See how much a landslide victory is in presidential politics.

Landslide Definition in Politics
Find out what a landslide election is in American politics. See examples of landslide elections in modern congressional and presidential elections. Learn what percentage margin constitutes a landslide election win.

When is the 2016 Election?
Find out the date of the 2016 election. See which offices are up for election in 2016. Learn about who sets the date of the 2016 election.

Primary Dates in the 2012 Presidential Contest
Find out all the primary dates in the 2012 presidential contest. See how many state hold caucuses instead of primaries. Learn about the differences between presidential primaries and caucuses.

Rick Santorum Biography
Read a biography of 2012 Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum. Learn about the candidate's political career and personal life. Learn about the controversies in which Rick Santorum has been involved.

Presidential Candidates Against SOPA
Find out why the 2012 presidential candidates are against SOPA. Read what each presidential hopeful has said about SOPA and the proposed crackdown on piracy of intellectual property online. Find out what the legislation would do.

2012 Republican Primary Results
Read a list of primary results in the 2012 Republican presidential race. See who won the primaries and caucuses. Find out how many delegates were at stake in each contest.

Mitt Romney Biography
Read a biography of Mitt Romney. Find out more about the Republican presidential frontrunner in 2012. Learn about Romney's background in politics and business.

Iowa Caucus Results
See the Iowa Caucus results through history. Find out which Iowa Caucus winners have gone on to be their party's nominees. Learn who ran in each Iowa Caucus.

5 Iowa Caucus Winners Who Lost the Nomination
See a list of Iowa caucus winners who lost the nomination. Discover who fared poorly in Iowa but went on to win the party nod. Find out how often Iowa caucus winners go on to become president.

Super Tuesday 2012
Find out when Super Tuesday is in 2012. See how many states are holding primaries and caucuses. Discover why Super Tuesday is so important to presidential candidates.

Operation Hilarity in Election 2012
Learn about Operation Hilarity in Election 2012. Find out who was behind the strategy. See how successful Operation Hilarity really was.

Election 2012
Learn about Election 2012. Find out who ran for office. Discover the issues in Election 2012.

Wealthiest Presidential Candidates
Read about the wealthiest presidential candidates. Learn the net worth of each of the 2012 White House hopefuls. See how they made their fortunes.

Santorum Senate Loss
Read about Rick Santorum's Senate loss in 2006. Find out why the Republican presidential candidate failed to win re-election in Pennsylvania. Discover the issues and nuances of Santorum's U.S. Senate race.

Rick Santorum
Learn about Rick Santorum. Find out more about his career in politics. Discover why Santorum is so controversial.

Rick Santorum Arlen Specter Endorsement
Read about the Rick Santorum Arlen Specter endorsement. Learn about the professional relationship between the two Republican U.S. senators. Find out why Santorum's support for Specter hurt his chances at winning the 2012 presidential nomination.

5 Biggest Presidential Election Endorsements of 2012
Read about the most influential presidential election endorsements of 2012. Find out who prominent Republicans are supporting in the race for president. See which candidates picked up endorsements from Chris Christie and Sarah Palin.

Secret Service Protection for Presidential Candidates
Find out how and when presidential candidates get Secret Service protection. See how much Secret Service protection costs taxpayers. Learn about the code names for each candidate in the 2012 election.

2012 Republican Primary Delegate Rules
Learn about the delegate rules for the 2012 Republican Primary. See why the party changed its rules for delegate appropriation. Discover the impact on the presidential primary contest.

Rick Santorum Daughter Bella Santorum
Read about Rick Santorum's daughter Bella Santorum. Learn about Balla Santorum's rare genetic disorder. Discover why Santorum considers his daughter a miracle.

5 Reasons Rick Santorum Quit His 2012 Presidential Campaign
Read about Rick Santorum's 2012 presidential campaign. Find out why Santorum quit the race and discover the obstacles faced by the former U.S. senator on the path to the Republican nomination. Learn about the impact his departure from the 2012 Republican had.

Ann Romney Bio
Read a biography of Ann Romney. Learn about her marriage to 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Discover why Ann Romney made news during the campaign and learn about the controversy surrounding her decision to be a stay-at-home mom.

How to Read Election Poll Results
Find out how to read election polls. Learn the tricks of understand public opinion surveys. Discover the importance of methodology in determining the accuracy of election polls.

Mitt Romney and the Buffett Rule
Find out where Mitt Romney stands on the Buffett Rule. See how the policy would affect the 2012 Republican presidential candidate. Learn about the controversy over raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans.

Mitt Romney Tax Returns
Read the details of Mitt Romney's tax returns. See how much income Romney earned in 2010 and 2011. Find out how much Romney paid in taxes.

11th Commandment Definition
Read a definition of the 11th commandment in Republican politics. Find out where the term originated. See how the term has been used and misused in campaigns.

Open Primary Definition
Find out what an open primary is in American politics. See how an open primary differs from other types of party nominating elections. Learn which states hold open primaries.

Rick Santorum Endorsement of Mitt Romney
Read about Rick Santorum's endorsement of Mitt Romney. Find out why Santorum seemed hesitant to support the Republican presidential candidate in 2012. See what Santorum said about his decision to back Romney in the election.

Why Barack Obama Supports Gay Marriage
Find out why President Barack Obama supported gay marriage. Read the explanation behind his endorsement of same-sex unions. Learn about the context of Obama's remarks on gay marriage during the 2012 presidential election.

Can One Vote Make a Difference?
Find out whether one vote can make a difference in American elections. Learn about the odds that presidential, congressional and legislative races can be decided by one vote. See which races in history have been decided by one vote.

How to Start a Super PAC
Find out how to start your own super PAC. See what steps you need to take to begin raising and spending money. Learn what to do with your own super PAC once you've created it.

Top 5 Conservative Super PACs
Read a list of the biggest conservative super PACs. Find out how the most conservative super PACs raised and spent money in the 2012 presidential election. See who's behind the nation's right-leaning super PACs.

Top 5 Liberal Super PACs
Read a list of the biggest liberal super PACs. Find out how the most liberal super PACs raised and spent money in the 2012 presidential election. See who's behind the nation's left-leaning super PACs.

Guide to Super PACs
Learn about super PACs. Read a definition of super PACs and find out which ones are conservative and liberal. See how to start your own super PAC.

Mitt Romney
Learn about 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Find out where Romney stands on important issues. See how much Romney and his family are worth.

2012 Presidential Debates
Read the 2012 presidential debates schedule. Find out where the presidential debates are being held. Learn who will moderate the debates between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Presidential Debate Moderators

Air Force One Cost
Find out how much Air Force One Costs taxpayers. Learn about whether the president uses the airplane for political purposes. See how the president reimburses for Air Force One costs when it's used for less-than-official purposes.

5 Famous Negative Ads
Read a list of the five most famous negative ads in American political history. See which candidates were targeted by these effective attack ads. Learn why negative ads work.

2012 Republican Platform on Abortion
Read what the 2012 Republican platform on abortion states. Learn about the controversy surrounding the party platform on abortion. See where 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan stand on abortion.

Republican Platform on the Electoral College
Read about the Republican platform on the Electoral College. Find out where the party stands on reforming or eliminating the Electoral College. Learn about the history of the GOP position on getting rid of the Electoral College.

Obama Speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention
Here are 10 highlights of President Barack Obama's speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. See which issues Obama addressed during his speech to the party. Read some of the key quotes from Obama's speech.

You Didn't Build That
Find out how the phrase You didn't build became a central controversy of the 2012 presidential campaign. Read President Obama's original remarks including the phrase You didn't build that. See how Mitt Romney used the sentence to his advantage.

Ann Romney's Role in the 2012 Election
Read about Ann Romney's role in the 2012 presidential election. Find out how she impacted Mitt Romney's campaign. Learn about criticism Ann Romney face on the campaign trail.

The First Electoral College Tie
Read about the first Electoral College tie in American political history. Find out how an Electoral College tie is broken. See which American president emerged victorious after the first Electoral College tie.

How to Talk Politics and Still Stay Friends
Here are 5 tips for how to talk politics with friends and family. Find out how to stay friends even if you're a liberal and your friends are conservatives. Learn how to talk politics without upsetting guests at holiday gatherings.

2012 Presidential Election
Who won the 2012 presidential election? Learn about the candidates in the 2012 presidential election. Discover the issues in the 2012 presidential election.

2016 Presidential Candidates
Find out who's on the short list of 2016 presidential candidates. Read bios of the possible 2016 presidential candidates. Learn about the political careers of the candidate who will succeed President Barack Obama in the White House.

2013 Election
Find out who's on the ballot in the 2013 election. See who's facing challenges in the 2013 election. Discover the important dates in the 2013 election.

2012 Presidential Election Results
Find the official 2012 presidential election results. See which states President Barack Obama won in the 2012 presidential election. Learn how many electoral votes Mitt Romney won by state in the 2012 presidential election results.

How Electoral Votes Are Distributed
Find out how electoral votes are distributed in U.S. presidential elections. Learn about controversies surrounding how electoral votes are distributed. Discover several proposals for changing the Electoral College and how electoral votes are distributed.

10 Great Presidential Campaign Songs
Read a list of the best campaign songs used by presidential candidates. Find out how politicians choose campaign theme music. See what recording artists had to say about their music being used by politicians.

Cory Booker Bio
Read a bio of Cory Booker. Learn about the political career of the mayor of Newark, N.J. Find out about the personal life of Cory Booker.

How to Get a Job in Politics
Find out how to get a job in politics. Learn about the different types of jobs in politics. See how to get started in politics.

The Term Limit Debate
Learn about the debate over term limits for politicians. See what the pros and cons are of term limits for Congress and the president. Find out what happened to legislation that would have imposed term limits on politicians.

Barack Obama's Second Term
Learn about President Barack Obama's second term. Find out what issues and policies Obama was focusing on in his second term. See who Obama chose to serve with him in his second term.

Are You a Swing Voter?
Learn about the impact swing voters have on American politics.

Who Pays For Political Campaigns?
Find out where all that money comes from in political campaigns.

What is Opposition Research?
See how opposition research is used in campaigns.

12 Things You Didn't Know About Presidential Elections
Learn how presidential elections operate in American. Discover some little-known facts about our electoral process. Get answers to some of the most common questions about presidential elections.

What is a Wave Election?
Read a definition of the term wave election.

5 Biggest Wave Elections
Read about the biggest wave elections in U.S. history.

How Social Media Has Changed Politics
How social media is used in political campaigns.

Why Do Politicians Lie?
Learn why some believe lying in politics is not only expected but necessary.

Clinton Versus Bush: It's Possible in 2016
See which member of the Bush family is considering a run for president in the 2016 election.

17 States Where Lying in Politics is Illegal
Why it's illegal to lie in political campaigns in these 17 states.

Was Criticism of Sarah Palin in the 2008 President Campaign Sexism?
Find out why Hillary Clinton refused to attack Sarah Palin the 2008 presidential campaign. See why Hillary Clinton's claims have rankled President Barack Obama.

Is Ron Paul Running for President in 2016?
Find out where Ron Paul stands on running for president in the 2016 election. See what the Libertarian has said about seeking the White House again.

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