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Pet and Animal Food Recall

Melamine Contamination


Updated May 14, 2007
In March 2007, Menu Foods -- a Canadian global manufacturer of pet food -- issued a recall of select cat and dog foods due to a high incidence of pet deaths.

Subsequent investigation revealed the presence of melamine, an industrial chemical use in the production of plastics and fertilizer. It is banned from the US food supply.

The Canadian manufacture of hundreds of different US pet foods shined a small light on the globalization of the food industry. The identification of the chemical as originating from Chinese manufacturers shined a slightly brighter light on the global food chain.

US food imports have increased 50% in the last five years. The number of FDA inspectors has dropped 20% in the same period.

The Food and Drug Administration has now identified the "contaminant" in feed used for swine, poultry and fish, all raised for human consumption. The FDA insists that the food supply is safe.

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