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Historical TV Ratings For Republican National Convention

How many people watch political conventions on television?


This chart illustrates how many people, as a percentage of the number of US households, have watched the Democratic National Conventions since 1960.
TV Ratings, RNC
The 2008 convention reversed the fairly steady decline since 1976. However, in the 48 year history, it ranks fourth in terms of reach..

The TV rating is developed from the absolute number of households with TVs tuned in compared to the total number of US households. The importance of relative comparison cannot be overestimated, as population steadily increases each year. Alternatives to TV also have proliferated. Specifically, in the 2008 campaign, it was easy for someone to watch the convention on their computer -- live or after-the-fact.

Data used in this chart is available: Historical TV Ratings For Republican Conventions .
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